Getting started with Web Builder

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Building a Web Builder Web Site

Builder a stunning website easily

This guide will show you just how easy it is to build and publish your website with Web Builder.

We will only cover the most basic features here but remember, Web Builder is feature packed and enables you to easily build stunning websites that will keep your visitors coming back again and again.

Getting Started

To get started login to the Idaq control panel and select the system tab (if you have multiple products from us you may need to use the select another subscription link to select the correct product). Once you have the correct subscription the page will look like this:

Click the 'Launch Web Presence Builder' link. At this point you will see the following screen

You are now in Web Builder.

Now choose the type of site you wish to build. Our Web Builder product offers over 75 pre-built site topics with topic specific text and images to get you started. No more Lorum Ipsum text to replace.

Once you have selected a category you just give the site a name. For this example I chose to open a clothes shop and called it 'My Clothes Shop'. Not very original but you get the idea.

Now click the 'Create Site' button and your site will be ready to be edited. You start by adding a little information about you or your business.

Once the form is complete click the 'Submit and Create Site' button.

At this point you have the option of viewing a short tutorial video. You can watch this later if you need to.

For now I will skip the tutorial video and get down to editing my site. Click the 'Close' button and your site will be available to be edited. You will see a small floating toolbar containing all the tools you need to make your site just how you want it.

As you can see, the site now contains some pre-made pages, images and text. You can leave these as they are or edit them to your needs. Once you publish your site you can come back and change them as often as you like.

I will make some small changes to the text on the first page. To do this you simply click the text you want to change then type. You will see that editing the text is as easy as typing in your word processor or sending an email. You can select fonts, text styles, sizes, underlines, colours etc.

Once you are happy with your changes click the 'OK' button to submit them.

It is also very easy to change the style of the site. The Idaq Web Builder comes with many pre-defined styles for you to choose from or you can add your own. For this example we will use a pre-defined one. We click the 'Style' tab on the floating toolbar and select style 43 from the Scheme tab.

When you are ready to edit another page you can click the links to each page just as you would when visiting a web site. Once on the page you can make whatever changes you need to make. I have clicked the 'Contact Us' page so I can add a contact form to enable site visitors to contact me.

Ready to use drag & drop modules

Web Builder has many ready to use modules that can simply be placed onto your webpages without any advanced coding. The modules will add professional features to your site in seconds. The module we will use here is the contact form. The contact form will allow site visitors to contact you by completing a simple form. To add it to your page click the 'Modules' tab on the floating toolbar, scroll along the available modules until you see 'Contact Form' and then simply drag it to where you want the form to appear on your page.

You will see something like this:

Once the form is on your page you can then set the email address you want your contact submissions to go to and choose the information your site visitors need to submit. The default information your visitors have to enter is Name, Email address and Message text but you can customise this to whatever you want. Once you are happy with the forrm click the 'OK' button and it should look something like this:

All the Web Builder modules are just as easy to add to your web site, just drag and drop.

The Idaq Web Builder includes the following modules:

Embedded Videos
Image Gallery
Online Store
Shopping Cart
Page Commenting
Contact Form
Site Search

And more

Site Layout

It is also very easy to change the layout of your site. Currently the site uses a two column design. Using the 'Layout' tab you can switch between the current 2 column layout and a 1 column layout or even no columns. I will change this site to one column.

Publish your website

Once you have added the content to your pages you will be ready to publish it. Uploading to your website is simple. Just click the green 'Publish' button and your site will be live.


Remember, you can edit your site as often as you like and republish.

Do it yourself. Web Builder can be setup in a minute