How do I get support?

We understand that from time to time all of our customers will need technical support. In order to provide the best level of support to all our customers we offer the following support methods:

Downloadable Documentation. For many products, such as our Plesk products, manuals are available to download. We advise customers who have products where a manual is available to take the time to read them. We will often refer customers to the manual if the answer to a question is contained within it.

Knowledgebase. When a question is asked we often create a knowledgebase article to answer it. Most questions have been asked many times before so the knowledgebase is a valuable source of information. Please search the knowledgebase before contacting support, it could mean your question is answered faster and it will free up our support staff to deal with other support tasks. We will often send links to knowledgebase articles in answer to questions.

Ticket system. The ticket system is the preferred method of contacting support. It allows you to send us all the information we need in order to answer your support questions. It also gives you a 'Hard Copy' of answers that you can refer to time and time again and also gives our support staff a history of answers you may have been given previously. Tickets can be opened from our support centre. Once a ticket is opened replies and updates can be sent via email which makes this a very convenient method of support. We aim to answer all tickets within 4 working hours however tickets are usually answered much quicker than our targets. Please note that tickets cannot be opened by emailing the support email address. The ticket must now be opened from the support centre before emails will be accepted into the system.

Telephone support. We are pleased to offer support by telephone however we can usually deal with many tickets in the same time it takes to deal with one support phone call. Because of this we ask all customers to create a support ticket before contacting us by telephone. When calling us you will be asked to provide the support ticket number.

Our support centre is available at

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